Mobile Phones Changed the Music Industry Face

Phones and mobile phones used to be a communication means for people during the 90’s and after that. All of a sudden the technology advancements converted phones into something more than just a box with buttons that you use to call other people.

The birth of the smartphone changed many industries that realized the fact that they can increase their reach and get bigger audiences by their eyeballs just by using mobile marketing and smartphone technologies.

Nowadays almost everybody has a smartphone or some other mobile based device which explains why every business is promoting products, services or applications to increase their revenue and the music industry is just one of the industries that focuses its resources on the mobile market arena.

Listening to music headphones

Photo by Gavin Whitner

People perform a great deal of their daily task via mobile phones. They check their emails through smartphones, they shop online, they book travel and vacation, they play games online, communicate online and a lot more other things. All of a sudden the mobile phone has turned into a device that is like a one stop shop for us for just about all we need. The mobile phones revolutionized and filed like the casino industry. Mobile phones adopted and integrated features and functions that other devices have such as cameras, navigation via satellite, camcorder functions, play music etc.

All this impacted on a high level the music industry itself by shaping the way people consume and listen to music in this modern day era. The internet together with the mobile technology and devices affected the music industry by providing the possibility for people to download millions of songs just like that, store them on their devices and listen to them.

So we do not need other devices these days, all we need is a mobile phone, a tablet or a smart watch if you will.  With smartphones we do not even need to store music we can listen to it on the go…

The music industry has drastically change thanks to mobile phones and technology. Brands like Spotify are now leading the music streaming market and companies like Apple Music follow their steps. They recently launched several subscription packages that offer people the possibility to enjoy  a lot of different music songs.

All this means that you can listen to music anytime and anywhere you go for hours on your mobile phone.

And if you think that music industry is just one of the industries that have been impacted by mobile phones, it is not true! The video industry is yet another one where fans of different music artists and bands can actually watch their favourite performer or band just by using their smartphone. YouTube and other services allow you to access hours and hours of videos, create your own playlists and share that experience with other fellow fans around the globe. Now, ain’t that fun or what?


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