Mike Borgia or 20 years of more and more and more rock’n’roll problems


New York-based musician and songwriter Mike Borgia has been involved in music for over 20 years and his discography spans over 15 albums with a plethora of musicians involved. However, among his latest endeavors, you’ll find his releases as Mike Borgia & The Problems. Their latest common effort is called “MORE MORE MORE”. It’s a five-track EP of rock’n’roll influenced alternative with a strong blues vibe.

The tracks are almost punk music – short and equally straight-forward. Even if they’re dominated by an alternative vibe you can sense indie and even grunge or garage influences carefully sprinkled over. The lyrics are smart and memorable. The biggest banger on the record without a doubt is “It’s My Fault” and we swear you’ll be singing this one to yourself long after you’re done listening to the record.

“MORE MORE MORE” definitely stands up to its name and it’ll leave you wanting for… well, more of it. However, we advise you to check the previous Mike Borgia records on Bandcamp too. There’s a ton of good alternative rock’n’roll for you to discover there. Oh, did we mention the artwork on the EP is great? It has this kind of The Residents vibe going. We love it, just like we love the music on the record with all of its raw energy and sincerity.

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