Mark Harrington plays some wonderfully exotic stick/guitar in Tower of Papel


Mark Harrington is quite the character. Born in New Zealand, he currently resides in distant Patagonia, Argentina, spending his days making music and musical instruments. There’s a special quality to building the very instrument you are performing with – ask guys like Ron Jarzombek or his royalty Brian May.

It certainly contributes to your music’s exclusivity, for one thing. And Mr. Harrington’s instrumental tunes are indeed exclusive. Atmosphere is the word here, garnished with world-class technical performance and enviable melodic sensibility. Mark certainly isn’t your regular Guitar Joe – his lines are sophisticated in a way reminiscent of jazz musicians’, but straying pretty far from bebop and chord substitution and whatnot.


Think a much less intense Animals as Leaders with a lighter, perhaps even folky background. It’s quite charming and makes for an engaging, detail-hunting listen. At 15 songs, Tower of Papel is lengthy indeed, but it stays varied and dynamic enough to keep you interested throughout. Simply put, Harrington’s music is otherwordly and greatly deserving of an open-minded, open-eared listen. Better get to it as soon as you can!

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