King of the Blind and their atmospheric take on industrial rock

King of the Blind is a solo project by Austin, Texas-based multi-instrumentalist Daniele Panella. His music can be loosely labeled as industrial rock but influences and elements come from as far as dark ambient, synthpop, new wave even post-punk and alternative. Released less than half a month ago, “Kingdom of The Blind” is a promising EP that features only six tracks but despite its (not that) short length, it doesn’t really stay at the same place for too long.

The opening track ‘Blind Faith’ is actually the fastest and most straight-forward one from the bunch. Furious drumming and harsh guitar work accompany sometimes deep and low vocals others heavily affected backing layers, reminiscent of early Mushroomhead or even Ivan Moody’s Ghost Machine. From then on the EP gets more atmospheric and the tempo gets slower, which makes the music more mesmerizing and allows Daniele Panella to unfold a variety of tricks. From hazy vocals, carefully placed far from the forefront of the mix to minimalist but persistent bass lines to psychedelic guitar leads and solos. The drum programming leaves a ton of space for the other details to shine but is not scarce by any means.

Later on, the EP reaches ‘The Fate of America’ which brings the tempo up once again. In this track King of the Blind sounds closer to a full-blown band and we really hope this project will live a long life and Panella will be performing this music live because we’re sure the hypnotic and obscure realms he’s created with his music will shine the most when being performed live. A much recommended listen for those with the heart for a more melodic, experimental and atmospheric take on industrial (rock) music.

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