Juxta & Grand Space Adventure’s “I Want To Live In A Machine” is where rock and electronica collide


Genre fusion is a tricky beast. Not only is it difficult to make radically different styles of music work together, but purists often attack such work because it’s so non-conforming. Yet, artists never seem to stop their creative riot, juxtaposing so-called opposites like electronica and rock. That’s the central aesthetic of “I Want To Live In a Machine”, a record by Juxta & Grand Space Adventure.

Done in just four days, the 13-song album captures 96 hours of constant inspiration, exploring the tangents of electronic and acoustic guitar-driven rock. It’s a fascinating, dynamic listen with a grandioze production where multiple musical layers are always present for digesting.


The 13 songs are deeply emotional and musically intense, captivating your ears by breaking formulas and delivering an onslaught of lush synthesizers, rocking guitars, and soaring vocals. There’s no shortage of musical surprises – even extreme metal motifs are present in the concoction, though they are never on the nose

All in all, Juxta and Grand Space Adventure’s creation is a wonderful reminder of how vast a musical landscape we have in our world. IWTLIAM is an epic, all-encompassing record that’s touching, dramatic, colorful and, frankly, fantastic! There’s a bright future ahead for such cunning musicians like Juxta and GSA.

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