Jeremy Nogue invites us not to dance to his tracks, but we couldn’t help it

Okay, 2019 is cool, but do you know what was cooler? The freaking 80s. Not only for those beautiful 8-bit games but for the loud and mean synths, the super fat production and the epic jams we still spin to this day. Thankfully, last month, Québec-based artist Jeremy Nogue has dropped an album on his Bandcamp to remind us that badass 80s-influenced synthwavish music can exist in our times and stay true to its roots.

‘Two steps forward, one step back’ is a synth-powerhouse. Its weapons of choice are fat synths, in charge of catchy melodies and cheeky bass lines, some stomping beats and cold reverb-drenched vocals. Production-wise, in Jeremy Nogue has decided to keep it on the more lo-fi side but the sound definitely fits the music. Here and there we’d liked it more if the guitar, yes there are some guitars too, were a bit tighter, mostly performance-wise but being looser here and there has its charm too.

Definitely, a favorite feature of the record is its portion of humor, we mean, just check those track titles and lyrics. Certainly a recommended spin. We hope Jeremy plays live because those tracks will definitely make a crowd of synth-punk weirdos go crazy.

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