How To Massage Your Throat For Vocal Warm-ups, Exercise And Recovery


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Markus Harju here, a swedish born multitasker in the music business – first and foremost a music producer but also a musician, songwriter and singer myself. I was born and raised in Sweden, got my ancestors and relatives in Finland and now I’m sitting here talking to you guys wherever you are in the world out there!

Okay, so I was given the mission to take over the blog in this post and said yes in a blink. Why? Well, I wanted to show you something really interesting I came across a few years ago. It all started with my sister who’s also a singer – long story – but it’s a great, fun and really interesting tool I’ve been using a lot ever since, pretty much every day!

It’s a tool for singing and speaking exercises, vocal technique training and voice treatment/rehabilitation.

A three-in-one-piece!


If you scroll down the page you will find a video I did where I explain everything about it, but the VIND Voice pipe is a pipe made of glass that is specifically designed for personal voice training, voice care and rehabilitation.

It’s been used by speech therapists for a long time now but is pretty unknown to regular people and I think this is a tool many public speakers and singers would really be glad to hear more about.

It is designed to give your throat and vocal cords a smooth and gentle massage to help relax the muscles and at the same time give you a more rich and balanced strength and tone in your voice. It will also teach you how to handle the air in your body and you will see very soon how much more balanced and cleaner your sound will get once you start using the technique.


So how do you use it?

  • Fill a smaller bowl or bottle with tepid water
  • Stick the voice pipe a few centimeters under the surface
  • And start singing/vocalizing/crooning through the pipe into the water

Yes, it’s just as simple as that.

The only things you need are a voice pipe that fits your voice type (bass, baritone, alto, tenor, soprano) and a bowl or bottle filled with tepid water. You stick the pipe a few centimeters under the water surface and start singing through it. What happens is that your singing creates bubbles in the water, which creates some pressure through the pipe and this massages your throat and vocal cords during the “pipe singing”.

You can use it in three different ways.


1) Warmups:

It’s great for warmups. Before a rehearsal of any kind, before you go on stage, if you’re having a studio session like I normally have. Use it before you go there. You don’t have to put many hours into it, just 5 minutes and you’re pretty much good to go.

2) Practice Techniques

You get very aware of what is happening inside your throat by using this technique. It’s a really interesting thing to experience and it’s great to learn more about how your voice works, and how you should use your muscles more effectively.

Great way to explore and practice techniques.

3) Rehab

My personal favorite. Everybody knows how it feels to have a very strained and exhausted voice. It happens to the best of us. Use the pipe and technique to massage your vocal cords and your throat – it’s like a spa for your voice.

By the way, one of the top vocal coaches in the UK wrote his thoughts on this exact tool – check it out:

 Christopher David Mitchell


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