Hebbe Blaser Gives A Majestic Nod To Old-Time Disco with ‘Dance Robo Dance 7’

Hebbe Blaser is a talented electronic music producer that lives near Stuttgart. Unlike most contemporary producers, he doesn’t lean towards modern EDM, but rather to the funky charm of disco, the enthusiasm of rave, and the thrill of drum and bass.

Starting off with an electrified interpretation of Beethoven’s Fur Elise in rave-ready format, ‘Dance Robo Dance 7’, the man’s 7-song EP, is a delightful walk through the many facets of electronica. Hebbe’s gift for rhythm and synthesis is evident in every track. Whether it’s setting the dancefloor on fire or being more on the introspective side, he has it down cold. The tunes never get too overwhelming, overly dark, or too repetitive.


There’s plenty of songwriting and composition talent to behold in these 7 pieces of wonderful, earworming electronica. The production feels very old-school and minimal, which imbues the songs with a nostalgic charm.

If you have a love for old-timey disco that sounds totally authentic, yet keeps up with the times, you are going to love Hebbe’s robotic dances. Blast them loud on a big soundsystem and enjoy their intricate workings!

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  1. Hebbe

    Hello Drooble Team, Boyan and Vaso,
    I can not say how thankful I am,
    You have not only listened but also listened in deeply.
    I’m surprised you know my music better than me 😉
    thanks for the beautiful and inspiring words
    Greetings Hebbe

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