Haste Publika from Portugal will take you on a 26-years-long journey with their music


Haste Publika is Portuguese rock band formed back in 1992. And even if they look like your typical stadium rock band playing their 2014 record “NinguéM Disse Que Seria FáCil” it seems their music has been through a lot.

The whole record feels not exactly as an album as each track carries its own sound, its own production, and atmosphere. We’d say that it’s more of a journey through time showcasing everything Haste Publika have wanted to create.

We have calmer pieces (“Vaguenado”, “Louco Por Ti”), funkier jams (“Ode aos Hipócritas”) and of course a ton of rock tracks like “Memórias Dum Sonhador”. The band is generous on the arrangement side and doesn’t really stay in the same place. You’ll spot keyboards, male and female vocals, influences from pop, jazz, fun and music from all over the rock and alternative specter. However, “NinguéM Disse Que Seria FáCil” feels more like an autobiography and we wished we knew Portuguese so we can grasp the full picture.

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