Grab a Whiskey And Coffee from the bartender and let Botanic Cat’s smooth house tunes take over

Gato laca 4

House music! There’s too much of it on this planet, and it all basically sounds the same – making it difficult to stand out. On the upside, if you do manage to stand out, then you certainly do have something special going on. Most likely, it’s immense talent!

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Botanic Cat is a house producer whose talent shines within his genuinely juicy tunes. Whiskey And Coffee, his number 1 record, is perfect for those good times in life, and ought to be experienced with an appropriate amount of colored lighting.


The man’s love for old-school electronica is evident, both through splitting the record in Side A and B (like vinyl or cassette) and via the use of time-tested sounds and textures. His music is at once charming and body-rocking – great for work, relaxing or improvising a dancefloor – depending on the mood and occasion.

Although Botanic Cat follows the well-established house music template, as per the genre’s commandments, his tracks sound fresh, smooth, and overwhelmingly pleasant. An expert of the craft, his tunes are varied and vibrant, rich with textures, samples, and melody. They also sound delightfully lo-fi, but the effect is not overdone – just present enough to give the tracks more weight and vibe. Most music these days sounds too slick and perfect for its own good, so hearing the sonic dust in Botanic Cat’s dance numbers sounds particularly refreshing!

Overall, Botanic Cat has a grip on house music’s finest qualities with enough expertise and talent to know exactly what to bring and what to take away to any track. Hopefully, he gets to play clubs all around the world, as his flavor of electronica is in need of proper recognition.

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