Get Your Music Featured on Drooble’s Spotify Playlist

Starting today we have another cool way of helping you promote your music! We know that at the moment Spotify is one of the hottest places to distribute your music – most of the new hyped music is being streamed there and if you want to use every chance to succeed, your songs should be there too. It’s also another way to provide you with better opportunities for growth by showcasing your music as a member of our community!

In order to be part of this, we decided to create our own Drooble Spotify playlist in which all of our users could get featured. If you have a music that is released on Spotify and you’re also a Drooble user, your songs can be part of our playlist!

To submit your music you need to follow these three steps:

1. Click here to follow Drooble on Spotify

2. Click here and follow our Drooble Artists playlist on Spotify

3. Click here to submit your music for our playlist

That’s it! We’ll get in touch with you if we decide to feature some of your songs. We can’t wait to listen to your submissions!


  1. For some technical reason, it is not possible to follow your Spotify profile.
    I tried from 2 computers and a mobile phone.
    But perhaps we can do the oposite:
    you include my music, and I will follow you.
    That would be artist-friendly
    Juan Maria

  2. If you are a songwriter
    who is trying to be frugal
    cause your dusty, unheard demo
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    let me introduce you to a site
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    or just sit around and doodle,
    but I promise you will love the vibes
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    Just type in and
    jumpstart your failed attempts
    to get noticed by your peers
    and never have to face contempt
    if your songs have possibilies
    then they’ll help you represent
    your tunes on drooble radio
    without spending a cent.
    you can advertise the sites where
    you have tried to pay your rent
    and perhaps some drooble fans
    will buy the tunes that you present.
    This is all fact it’s not fiction
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    satisfy your true ambitions
    and lose all your inhibitions
    in a site with free admissions
    all it takes is your submissions
    and in closing I would like to say
    as my final benediction,
    that if you get high on music
    Droobles got a sweet perscription.

    Why not try it for one month……
    “Satisfaction guaranteed or your
    memories back.” See you soon.

    Matthew F. Blowers III-(c)-2018
    Unpaid testimonial- I just love to write what’s righteous.

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