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At Drooble, we’re on an endless mission to figure out the best ways to help artists connect with each other and make their breakthrough. One of the puzzle’s many pieces is putting together a bomb press-kit – your bio, contact information, music, photos, logos, and other assets presenting your band or project! Without one, you’d struggle to get coverage and attention from media, promoters, and label representatives.

Come on, put yourself in the shoes of a journalist. Will you be able to generate a fantastic material if all you are given are a few sentences from a Facebook bio with some grainy photos on the side? Tough work! Same goes for promoters and labels. Hand these people a proper press kit, though, and you are golden!

Thankfully, we have the means to make it simple and fun for you to create a slick, concise electronic press kit with everything needed to put your band or project in the spotlight. No expertise in design or public relations needed!

Sound too good to be true? Guess again! We are totally launching an electronic press kit (EPK) generator that works great on Web and Mobile and is completely free, although you’ll need some Karma points to get going. Remember, you gain Karma for simply using Drooble the way it’s meant to be – engaging with fellow musicians and sharing your music. If you took the time to create a logo, take a photo or two, record some tunes, and write a bio – things you should be naturally doing with your musical ambition – all it takes to assemble an EPK is a few clicks and keyboard punches.


The end result will certainly please you – a tight, readily shareable web page presenting the best of your band or project, with everything a media person looks for available at a glance!


It wasn’t always this easy, friends. Not long ago, independent bands and musicians had to prepare all of this in print and physical formats, make enough copies, find contacts, send the goods over post or courier, and hope their hard work doesn’t get tossed in the trash by an indifferent journalist or label rep. It sounds discouraging, because it is!

Thankfully, digital communications have greatly reduced the time and effort needed to get your media game on. After you get your electronic press kit done on Drooble, sending it over e-mail and including it in every bit of online presence you have is as easy as it gets. Take advantage of the tool and go land those interviews, features, bookings, record deals, or anything else you might be looking for. Hurry up and create your EPK here. Oh, and remember to share this tool with fellow musicians you know!

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