Five minutes of calmness with Leandro Polack


‘Como Polvo Al Sol’ is a tiny record by Buenos Aires-based guitarist and composer Leandro Polack. We’ve already presented him to our Drooble readers in this detailed interview here so, we’re glad to finally be able to experience a bit of his music. On his page, Leandro referred to his release as an EP but we’d say ‘Como Polvo Al Sol’ is more like a single, a brief audio impression that serves no other purpose but present the artist and his take on ambient-inspired mostly guitar-based chill out music. Actually, the record does one more very important thing – it can really make you feel good, it provides you with not only 5 minutes of nice sounds but with the calmness, we often forget in our hectic daily routines.

If the self-titled piece is dominated by a slowly unfolding melody performed on an effected guitar with minimalist percussions, the opening piece is a drifting ambient soundscape whose only downside is the short length. Spanning only over 1:54 mins ‘Detras de la Luz’ could have easily been stretched at least twice its length to ensure the listener will be fully mesmerized by its warm sound. Now you’ll have to hit replay over and over again. But what can you do?

We know what we’ll do, we’ll be waiting for some new and more expanded material from Polack as his attention to atmosphere and skill in laying cozy melodies is to be appreciated!

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