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Hey Drooblers. EXRCM is a group of friends that plays music and makes videos. They were all born and raised in the green valleys of northern Italy, where, mainly thanks to the tight bond among them, that always pushed them to go on despite the failures, they developed a strong inclination towards the autonomous fulfillment of their goals and dreams. Looking for bigger challenges to face, they decided to move all together in a small house in the “big and famous European music capital”, Berlin, where they are currently active. Influenced, surprised and, at the same time, disappointed by this metropolis and its environment, they recently released “Loite”, their first English EP based on a project of three video documentaries shot in Germany. At the moment, besides working on new future projects, EXRCM is trying to bring its music on as many stages as possible.

Could you present the members of the band?
EXRCM consists of four members: Tommi (lead singer and keyboard), who is always ready to live something new and different…except in the morning when he needs sometime before
being a communicative person, Beso (drums, keyboard and vocals), who has a lot of passions.. mainly walking around without clothes, Berghi (guitar), who can be absolutely called the
“mother” of the group.. the band would be lost without him, and Miche (visuals and looping), who is the best dancer you can meet (he just doesn’t want to admit it).

How did the band form?
Everything started back in 2015. We were all really good friends with the common passion for music. At the beginning music was just an hobby, a reason to meet up and have fun while
doing what we loved. But then this hobby started to become always more important and now we couldn’t live without it anymore. Music is now definitely a fundamental part of our lives.
We also left our lives and came to Berlin just to follow our passion for music.

What inspires you to create new music?
There isn’t something specific that inspires us. Sometimes the words and melodies just suddenly come to our minds, then we go home and work on them. Every song was born in a
different way. But, truly, we don’t believe it’s really important where the inspiration comes from, but more where it can take us.

What is new about your music?
What we consider unique about our music is that we always try to go beyond it. This is where our name comes from: EXRCM from “Exercomai”, which means “going beyond”. We try to go beyond it by combining music and videos. We believe that songs and videos are two complementary and indispensable parts of our music. You can see it already in our last EP, which is part of a project of three video documentaries, that tell the stories of three different people of Berlin. We try to tell a story through our music and videos, without any of them the story would be incomplete. But we truly and completely express how important the visual part is to us during our live concerts, when we combine each songs with a unique visual.

How would you describe your group dynamics?
Last year we moved to Berlin and started to live together. Of course this involved a big change in our group dynamics… We could say that living together made us even closer than before,
we really share everything now. Of course it taught us a lot, mainly about ourselves .. now we really know everything about each other.

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What have you learnt from each other?
A lot.. how to work in a group is one of the things we learnt.. but in general we teach each other something new every day. What we are really proud of is that after this year living
together, we learnt how important it is to know our own limits and how these limits are easy to overcome if we stay and work together.

What are you currently working on?
We are really working hard on our live concerts. We want to make them more electronic, our set up changed drastically in the last months. We are also starting to make new songs, and probably we will release a new album next year… but it is still a work in progress.

What are your plans now? Are you on tour?
Well, now we are trying to bring our music on as many stages as possible. Indeed, we are on tour! We are now trying to play as many concerts as possible in Berlin, but we are not playing
only in Germany. We will soon be playing also in the UK! You can find our updated tour dates at this link https://www.songkick.com/artists/9166899-exrcm If you have time, come to see
us live :)

You can also find EXRCM on:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exrcm/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0dHOLRQh0ce23blgtSHGbH
Apple Music: https://itun.es/it/6DwQib
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/exrcm

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