Electronic Life by Fran London is a collection of uplifting electronics

To be honest it’s been a while since we’ve heard an album like ‘Electronic Life’ and we mean not just on Drooble but in general. These days, the contemporary electronic music we follow has become heavy on concepts, ideas, and goals. It’s become more of an art piece than an entertainment product. What Fran London has done with this record is definitely on the other side of things. This album is simple, straightforward and its mission is clear – to make the listeners dance and feel better.

The music on ‘Electronic Life’ is not bound together by a special meaning, it’s simply a collection of punchy dance tracks that gravitate around progressive trance and house music. With super pumped up sound, heavily produced beats and epic synth leads, the album is intense and wild from the start to the end. Don’t expect more ambient, chill out or atmospheric passages it’s straight up party music created with the sole purpose to let its listeners lose themselves in the constantly climaxing electronic sound. Click play and start living the electronic life.

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