Electronic adventurer Hyper Foofie installs a Super Coffee Machine 64


Hyper Foofie makes some of the freshest chiptunes around, so it’s always a pleasure to have the Costa Rica producer (real name Jeffrey Hernandez) under the spotlight. ‘Super Coffee Machine 64’ is the man’s latest record, and boy, is it a trip! Jay’s love for chiptune and electronica in all its forms takes the listener on a journey through nearly every style of lighter, well-intentioned electronic music there is. Prepare to bob your head to half-step rhythms in one song, then rock your body to a steady 4/4 beat in the next.

Hyper Foofie has been in the production game for so long that shifting between genres comes near effortlessly to him. The production is indeed immaculate, with all the varied synthesizer tones and chunky rhythms coming in loud and clear without being too in your face. A master of texture and arrangement, Hernandez never makes his music sound overbearing. There’s lots of thought put into the layering so that there’s nothing in excess or out of place. It’s an absolute delight to listen to electronic music so well put together. ‘Super Coffee Machine 64’ is an ideal soundtrack for productivity bouts, domestic raves, car trips, and any occasion where non-distracting, yet non-shallow electronic beats are an appropriate listen.


At 7 songs length, the record falls a bit on the short side, but it still makes for a compelling and engaging listen. You are to witness nothing short of a true master of chiptune music and electronic beats in action, a most wonderful occasion for any electro music lover. Save for the length, the record is very much perfect. If Hyper Foofie sounds this good on his second album, we’re confident the third will be a digital monster!

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