Drooble Proudly Sponsored the First Bulgarian Music Hackathon

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Hy guys! We’re happy to announce our participation as a sponsor in the first Music Hackathon held in Sofia, Bulgaria, last weekend. The event is designed to bring together programmers, coders, musicians, artists, scientists, composers, and all people who love music and technology. The participants are split into small teams and in the course of 24 hours compete with each other, creating innovative technological projects and solution which combine music and technology. Drooble saw the opportunity to help the event happen and we seized it without hesitation.


Hack (1)    The Hackathon was held on 28-29th of January 2017 and hosted by Software University, an educational institution founded for the purpose of creating real professionals in the field of programming and other specialists for the software industry. Each team had to choose a challenge and decide on the particular solution they were going to develop. There was a list of challenges to help inspire them to create even more inspiring projects.

The key words and point which were to guide the participants were as follows:

  • Music Harmony
  • Music Visualisation
  • Music App Project
  • Music Fun-Project
  • Music Robot Project
  • Music-Physics Project


Hack (5)Here are some numbers to give a better idea of the international nature of the event – there were:

  • 79 registered participants
  • 12 music software innovation projects
  • 11 organisation sponsors
  • 22 organisation partners
  • Participants from 6 countries


The list for suggested participants of the Music Hackathon included students, musicians, singers, programmers, coders, designers, enthusiasts, dancers, teachers, managers, practitioners, talents, journalists, innovators and all creative people in general. As is evident from the numbers above, international attendance was pretty good – the event had participants from USA, India, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Bulgaria.

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The five categories in which winners were announced and their respective prizes were:

People: Sponsor Gifts
Inspiration: ​Sponsor Gifts
Use of Technology: ​Cash / Sponsor Voucher
​IT Sounds: Cash / Sponsor Voucher
Music Vision: Visit Monthly Music Hackathon New York City, USA


Hack (6)It’s always great to be able to support such happenings, as they are, firstly, extremely powerful and productive tools for networking among current and future innovators in the field of music and technology. Secondly, what events such as this one do completely coincides with what we at Drooble try to do every day – bring more music into people’s lives and bring more ease, happiness and security to those who have dedicated themselves to the craft of musicianship. We hope many such events happen in the future and we’ll try to support as much of them as we can to the best of our ability. Once again, congratulations to the organizers of the First Bulgarian Music Hackathon – we hope to join you soon on another such glorious occasion :)

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We gave our award to the CrowdBox project, aiming to help DJs pick the right songs for their audience. The developer’s team will be able to choose between a Drooble internship and project mentorship on our part.

As always, head over to Drooble where we can discuss this and many other music topics :)

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