Dive deep in Bloom’s Taxonomy’s ‘Bitter Lake’


It wasn’t too long ago when we took a first glimpse at Bloom’s Taxonomy’s work. The first offering of the London-based solo electronic project gave us a hint of the sound that he’s been after and hopefully our review managed to attract some attention to his masterful experiments or should we say explorations of the fragile realms of IDM, experimental, ambient and glitchy downtempo music.

‘Bitter Lake’ is the second Bloom’s Taxonomy EP. Despite the fact we’re looking at it quite soon after his previous release his music surely didn’t stay at the same place. Polyrhythmic melodies and tight beats intertwine with lively bass lines. Organic and mellow pads glue all of this together and still somehow manage to leave some space for a plethora of sound artifacts and decorations – chopped vocals, speech sounds, glitchy percussions or unorthodox instruments (like the brass in the self-titled piece ‘Bitter Lake’ for example).

The overall impression of this record is of a more considered, more carefully constructed music that doesn’t accentuate that much on its edge but on conveying a more cinematic and introvert vibe. This is achieved through a very precise work with engaging melodies, sufficiently varying and interesting rhythm section and all of these captivating and extremely detailed layers that lurk deep within the pieces. Production-wise the record feels homogeneous, powerful enough to remind you this is contemporary electronic music but is still very organically mixed and arranged in order not to lose its humane and intimate nature.

Another nice one from Bloom’s Taxonomy. We think you’re now fully ready for a full-length release. We hope to be among the first to experience it.

“Bitter Lake” will be out on Bandcamp on 12 April 2019.

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