Did you know that Costa Rica also knows how to shoegaze


For some reason, all music we’ve ever reached from Costa Rica has been amazing. Todos Mis Amigos Ya Están Muertos is definitely not an exception. The solo project of 22 years old guitarist and singer Sebastian Castro has already released a bunch of records. Those are all available via various streaming platforms but we’re now focusing on his latest offering that goes under the name ‘Todos Nuestro Mundo’.

The music is an emotional mixture of post-rock and 21st century take on shoegaze. The drumming is simple, the bass lines and dragging you deeper and deeper into the dark realms of the music and the vocals are in Sebastian’s native language. This makes the whole experience way more otherworldly and mystic. Did we mention that they are distant and heavily reverberated? I guess if you’ve ever listened to a shoegaze record you already knew that.

Todos Mis Amigos Ya Están Muertos is a nicely executed project that pays a tribute to one of the most interesting genres of rock music. It offers beautiful melodies, spacey textures and undoubted skill in building up and releasing tension. Yes, Todos Mis Amigos Ya Están Muertos might not be exactly reinventing the genre but it makes for a great listen and we promise, multiple spins are required if you want it to reveal it’s full beauty. Let’s see where will this album takes Sebastian Castro and his music in the future.

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