Derek’s Dreamland EP – 5 tunes of dubstep so cheerful, it should be prescribed by therapists


There’s clearly something in Argentinian waters that makes young producers bust out the smoothest electronica known to mankind. Last week, we dealt with Botanic Cat’s mega-chill house tunes and had such a good time, we had to ask for more. And the musical universe delivered – Emanuel Dos Santos (Derek)’s Dreamland EP is an absolute breeze!

Dreamland is 5 tunes worth of relaxing, uplifting electronic beats. Listening to them feels like walking on clouds. And while they do make for ideal math homework solving music, they aren’t bland or boring in the slightest. Rather, they are an interesting reminder that modern electronic music is overwhelmingly edgy and minor-sounding – but it doesn’t always have to be like this. Dreamland is proof that EDM can be uplifting and soothing, without sounding corny or wimpy.


Fans of vaporwave’s blissfully nostalgic mood and dubstep beat lovers are going to be all over Dreamland, hailing their new overlord from Argentina. The talent is clearly there, and so are the professional-sounding production and musical focus. Bring on more of the good stuff, mister!

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