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Imagine a place where you could connect with other people who are passionate about music. A place where you can get your music heard and learn from others who share your inspiration. A place where you can exchange knowledge and ideas. This place is now Drooble.

Welcome to our Community Management Team

It is always inspiring for the whole team when we meet people like you who share the idea of a united community of musicians and are ready to give a little of their time to support our mission!

Your contribution to our community will help Drooble grow to a music-first platform where everyone is supportive and helping others. That will have a great impact on the way musicians engage with each other from all parts of the world. History is being made here and you are now part of it.

Before we start let’s just go through the basics:

WHY do we do all this?

We are introducing a new culture of communication between musicians where everybody gives in order to receive, where knowledge and ideas are shared, new original music is created, collaborations are encouraged and every artist feels supported by the community.

HOW Drooble helps musicians?

We are constantly developing tools that help musicians become better. Currently, we have launched:

Free Online Radio where musicians get their music broadcasted to thousands of people.

Free Electronic Press Kit where artists can showcase their projects.

– Karma economy model that uses Karma Points instead of real money.

Online Metronome and a Guitar Tuner to help musicians practise and accomplish greater results.

Music Promotion Tools to help musicians expand their audience.

Band Page tool to make it easier for a musician to befriend their audience

– A fully functional social environment where musicians can easily connect and collaborate together, share ideas, join discussions and support each other more.

How can YOU help us?

We want you to help us send a clear message to everyone on Drooble – “This isn’t a place for self-promotion” where you simply register, drop a couple of songs and happily move on without leaving anything useful for others.

While promotion is a big part of what we do around here, there’s so much more to Drooble beyond that! We encourage musicians to give each other feedback and support, share valuable knowledge, answer questions, collaborate with each other and help out. This goes in line with our mission to foster a lively musicians’ community unlike anything else on the internet.

We will lead by example! To do that we need you to:

post relevant and engaging content in Drooble communities of your choice (this makes people comment and engage, motivating them to get to know each other).

encourage musicians on Drooble to collaborate with each other more

frequently applaud & comment topics made by other Drooble members. This way, you are giving energy to the conversation and helping generate a lively buzz.

Initiate and participate in music collaborations with other musicians on Drooble.

Report any inadequate content to us.

Remember! As a volunteer, you are deciding how much time to spend on Drooble.

What will you GET in return?

1. You will be part of something that will change the lives of many musicians around the world.

2. Our most dedicated volunteers will be offered a job contract in the future.

3. You will be officially recognized as part of the Drooble team and treated as such.

4. We will publish an interview with you on our Music blog where you can share your story with our audience.

5. We will give you 1 000 karma points every month if you have made at least 50 quality posts during it.

6. Doing good things gains us real karma in real life – it’s said that “You get what you give”. And Drooble is a good thing.

Let’s see how it goes for a week or two, and then you’ll tell us if you are willing to continue.

Other Drooble Team members

You can see and get in touch with all our members here

Now you might ask yourself…

How did it all start?

It all started with me – Melina. I am a musician myself and I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to helping culture for music grow among people. Because I believe music could beautifully transform people internally, as it happened with me. I founded a Music School in my hometown which grew to become an active community of musicians who support and respect each other, sharing and enjoying opportunities for growth like rehearsal spaces, workshops, music lessons, recording studio, concert opportunities, etc. Some years later I thought that I would love to do something like this but for the whole world. This is how the idea of a global musicians community was born. And I called it Drooble for some reason.

Thank you for being part of us! 🙂