Cj’Pit invites you on a 12-song trip Round The World

Cj’Pit’s Round The World 12 is an interesting album full of 12 compositions that sound like ambient music scores. There’s a large variety of instruments employed to paint the Russian composer’s musical collages. The mood is calm and introspective, perhaps even a bit sad – but the man himself claims it’s feeling the blues that drives him to write music, so it all makes sense.


As with many great works of art, it’s up to you to interpret Radik’s songs for yourself, as they are purely instrumental. One thing is for sure, though – the harmony is quite beautiful, and having unexpected instruments pop up out of nowhere and take center stage is always musically rewarding.

Mr. Pit is clearly gifted and knows how to write parts for great many a musical tools. The freedom of expression in Round The World is astounding and the album really feels like a journey through distant lands. Put the record on while you are working or catching a break and it’ll form an ambience which delights.

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