Can Driving to the Wrong Music Kill You?

Music in Car

Can Driving to the Wrong Music Kill You? This is a valid question that we have to raise as we all know that it is the power of music that lifts you up and makes you ecstatic, or sometimes irritates you and annoys you. Some peoiple even get violent due to the music they listen to. So if the case is you are in a car and you are listening to the wrong type of music, what would happen?

Prof. Warren Brodsky, director of music psychology in the Department of the Arts at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev suggests that this could be deadly for you.

“The car is the only place in the world you can die just because you’re listening to the wrong kind of music,” says Brodsky, who recently published the first textbook on how music can affect driving habits, “Driving with Music: Cognitive-Behavioral Implications” (Ashgate Publishing Company).

According to prof. Brodsky you are not going to literally drive the car into a tree if you do not like the sound of the song you listen to in the car but more or less he claims that the songs that inspire you to feel negative emotions could be the trigger for distracting thoughts, emotions, memories alongside with the hand drumming.

So divers, choose your songs and playlist carefully before you grab the car keys and go on the road! This might save your life…


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