Big update soon. Drooble is becoming much more interesting and community oriented


If you have been around in the past months, and by around I mean on Drooble, you might have seen a bunch of these short gifs we posted, showing people discussing specific music topics, asking and answering particular questions about instruments, playing, gear and such. Well, а big change is coming up on your favorite music social network. Your newsfeed is about to become more organized, more intuitive and more useful. Sure, these are some big statements but hear me out!

chat-static-01 (1)The goal once again, as it is with everything we do on Drooble, is to make it easier for you to find the right tools, people and information that will help you become a better musician. And what better way to do that than to make sure you find what you’re looking for quickly each time?

Remember how you posted a question in a Facebook group and no one answered? Or how it took a whole day and all your patience to find some information you were looking for on some ancient forums? Or how you uploaded your music on Soundcloud, hoping to receive feedback or a suggestion from a fellow musician? There are several reasons for all of these, starting with the main one – no one or almost no one saw your post. Well, it showed it to a few of your contacts – perhaps two, five, ten or even twenty. But they were the wrong people to show it to because they weren’t the ones who would really be interested in what you wrote, so they didn’t react to it. So what did we decide to do about it?

post_disc (1)We’re introducing Drooble Communities which will be something like common discussion spaces, dedicated to particular topics. Simply put, when you have a question about guitars, you post it in the community called Guitars but when you want to share an opinion about the new amp you bought, you do it in the Gear community, and so on, you get the idea.

This change will allow you to reach people who might actually have answers and who would take the time to share them with you because they also share your passion. For example, even a professional singer with 30+ years of experience couldn’t help you if you were looking for the correct way to set your snare drum. And neither can your grandma, who’s been your Facebook friend for three years now. That’s why you go on Drooble and post your question in the “Drums” community where the chance of someone who doesn’t know drums will read it is close to zero. On top of that, if you’re feeling more responsible and less spammy than usual, you can first check if your question hasn’t already been asked by someone from the community. In any case, you’ll either find what you’re looking for or ask the relevant crowd and most probably get a good answer.

It’s simple enough, we hope, and ultimately – helpful. In short, hold on to your hats, ‘cause Drooble is bringing some order to your life 😉 To celebrate, here’s an old classic:

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