Backyard Burgers and Best Friends by Grand Fisher is an intense take on pop

We recently took a look at Grand Fisher’s ‘Real Friends’ but now Ottawa-based producer is back at it with a brand new offering. ‘Backyard Burgers and Best Friends’ pretty much starts exactly where ‘Real Friends’ ended. The instrumentals are intense, the tracks are saturated with heavily auto-tuned vocals and the production is explosive, loud and raw. Except for the Cicæda featuring ‘He Ain’t No Sweetland Boy’ and the Kreesha Turner Cover in the end of the EP there’s not a second wasted with slow tempos.

In ‘Backyard Burgers…’ Grand Fisher is full-on exploring his the most futuristic aspect of his music and sound. It’s a strange trip, but an interesting one. Yes, the vocals once again could have been worked a bit more, it could have been a lengthier and more varying release but it still features crazy good melodies, eclectic beat making and it’s just so overly emotional. Our only issue is with the track endings. These should be shaped in a smarter and better way. Now the music is simply cut at a certain point, which if you look at it also contributes to the super weird atmosphere of the whole record so… whatever.

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