Auramancer shows us The Only Way To Fail is through rad alternative rock


The spirit of early ’00s alternative rock is alive and well in Auramancer’s inspired five-song EP. Titled The Only Way To Fail, it drips with atmosphere, layered vocals, and experimental instrumentation. While a comparison to A Perfect Circle appears inevitable, Auramancer is much more than its obvious inspirations. Above all, the Belgian band’s music is creative, dark, and sensual.

For example, Tree Of Love, the third song, begins with the sounds of a music box before transpiring into a tune reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age’s later output. Josh Homme would certainly grin at the guitar harmonies and subtle falsetto, not to mention what sounds like a theremin put to very good use in the background.

The tempo picks up in Alike, the guitars become crunchier, and Auramancer shows you it’s not all about mellow alternative rock — but rather, a multi-faceted band that isn’t afraid to spread its musical wings.

All in all, the EP is superb, and our sole tiny gripe with it is that the production is a little flat. More could be done to make the songs sound louder, punchier, and harder-hitting. It’s never too late for a remaster, though!

Horns Up: Excellent atmosphere and instrumentation

Horns Down: The production could do with more “oomph”

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