Almost a century of rock’n’roll history put together in one album

Fervid are based in Dordrecht, Netherlands and trust us on this one, they are not your typical rock band. Imagine the absolutely legendary vibe of The Beatles but performed with the energy of grunge. Now apply to this the punchy and emotional production of your favorite alternative rock bands. Sounds cool, right? The best thing about this is that we’re not daydreaming or hallucinating.

We just finished listening to How? by Dutch trio Fervid and believe it or not they sound just like that. The music can be mostly described as pop rock with a slightly more artistic and cold Northern feel to it. The lyrics are mostly abstract, sometimes a bit humorous but generally and beautiful and smartly written. The vocals, in general, are amazing, melodic, vast and diverse. Putting the skillful and catchy songwriting, the sound and production is the last thing to contribute to this whole thing being a something on its own.

What we also dig is that Fervid might have written a pretty huge record, spanning over 13 tracks but a big part of them don’t stick to the 3-minute length rule of pop music. There are a few tracks (Birthday 1, A Change, Hamer In My Head) around or even less the 2-minute mark which are a special treat for everybody with a heart for punk music. Yes, Fervid have added this to the unique blend of wild and free genres that is their music. A must-listen, not saying anything more!

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