A sincere take on modern hip-hop – Empty Lungs by Nexus

Nexus is the moniker of US hip-hop musician and producer Christopher Coram. Representing a generation that stays away from epic concepts, intense academic education and the pretentiousness that professional music carries his music carries a plain but sincere and honest purpose. Nexus writes music that is an outlet for him to express himself and share his inner being to the world and if somebody is here to join the ride and enjoy it – they are more than welcome.

‘Empty Lungs’ is the latest single by Nexus. It’s US hip-hop at its finest. The track has it all thoughtful lyrics, energetic and straight to the face flow mixed with emotional melodic singing and a very intelligently written and arranged instrumental. While influences from Atmosphere, Eyedea & Abilities can be sensed the track feels a lot more accessible. It’s also a short one as well and it easily lures you to replay it. Soundwise we like the warm and slightly lo-fi vibe but we think the instrumental can take a bit more low end and it might be mixed a bit more organically so the vocal blends even better with the other instruments in the track.

‘Empty Lungs’ is a work of passion written, performed and produced by an artist we will definitely keep an eye on in the future.

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