A quick fix of instrumental rock from Greece courtesy of Alexx

We’ll be brief on this one and we’ll keep it short and sweet just like Alex Alexandris has done on the three-tracker ‘My Music’. We’re not sure if we’re to treat this as an EP or at all as an actual release. However, this collection of tracks feels as homogeneous as needed as each piece follows the same thread and explores the fields of instrumental rock.

In his bio Alexx shares, this is music he writes and self-produces in his home studio as a hobby and it should be perceived that way. ‘My Music’ is simple and nicely written. The sound is rough around the edges but it is what it is. However, we kind of feel there might be something more to the music and that would be that it is another proof that we can do more with our time on this Earth. We can stay creative, we can inspire others to do so or we can just have nice times with our talents and share the outcome to the world. Just like Alexx did with his music. And will we get further with our art, will we inspire others? Only time will tell, but it will be for sure time well-spent!

By the way, we hope Alexx will find somebody to sing over his instrumentals. That being said, come on, Drooble community do your thing – collaborate with this guy, we are sure the outcome will be great!

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