Teatrum skillfully mixes progressive metal and industrial with their self-titled LP


Presenting itself as a progressive rock band, at the core of Teatrum‘s long and intricate compositions beats an industrial heart. The mix of competently explored progressive metal and pounding industrial beats and textures is extremely exciting, to the point of this Lisbon, Portugal band simply blowing our minds. Then again, knowing the brilliant mind behind it from his Dystopia Of Truth project, we hardly have the right to be surprised.

At 12 songs length, there’s lots and lots of this expertly produced and combustive mixture to enjoy! And did we mention the vocals? The female singer sounds strong, inspired, and full of conviction. There’s nothing melodramatic or soapy about the performance at all.

Overall, Teatrum’s music is of supremely high quality, a tasteful and masterful blend of two of heavy music’s most sophisticated genres. We are impressed, and frankly, stunned.

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