6 things every indie music lover wants their favourite artist to know

In the current time it has become very easy for everyone to access and contact any other person present in any part of the world. People have been connected globally with the help of social media. Then in such circumstances communicating with your favourite celebrities has become a lot easier. By following them on their social media accounts you get to know about the things happening in their lives and also about their daily lives. There are certain things that the followers of the celebrities want them to know, these things increase the love they have for them. If we particularly talk about the music artists so let me make it clear that their success totally depends upon their fans; therefore, it is crucial for them to have a very good relationship with their fans. By talking to the music lovers it was seen that following are the six standard things that every indie music lover wants their favourite artists to know:

1. Communication with the followers

Nowadays keeping in touch with the fans has become very easy for the celebrities through social networking sites. You can not only update your followers with your daily life but can also get to know about the things they like in you and the things they want you to change. You can also arrange a meet and greet session with them. It can be a mall, park, hiking site and you can even invite them to a yoga session.

2. Support a cause

People follow the music artists for their talent but if you give them other social reasons then they will surely start adoring you. You can also help others in so many ways. A simple way is conducting a mini-concert for kids and or you can write a song regarding the issues arising in the society.

3. Live shows

Live shows must be arranged for the fans so that they can enjoy the music of their favourite artists with full zeal and zest. Therefore, you must make sure that your fans feel special and like every moment spent there.

4. Piracy issues

It is the internet era where everything is easily accessible. If we talk about music, then one can easily get it in pirated form. It is, therefore, the duty of the artists to bring awareness to their fans and encourage them to buy the original music from proper distributors and renowned stores.

5. Use the internet

Just writing and recording songs is not enough these days. You must be in touch with the outer world through updating your respective website regularly and posting on your social media accounts.

6. Assist them regarding music and its instruments

One of the things that attract the viewers’ most is the guidance the artists give to their followers regarding the music, its composition, the instruments used and the brand which they should buy. Along with that fans who are aspiring musicians themselves, the artists should call them in for a song-writing session, or offer music lessons on the internet.
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