5 tips for mixing different genres in your songs


Confidently blending different genres can make for very exciting songs that capture listeners attention and stay in their memories for a long time to come. There is, however, an art to fusing different genres. If it’s not done tastefully, the result errs on jarring and experimental for the sake of it.

You’d be right to be searching for some guidance on mixing different styles of music in your compositions. Drooble users certainly do – while discussing genre fusion, they came up with five little, yet overlooked tips to keep in mind when producing style-defying music. Check them out, it’s good stuff!

1. Make the styles compliment each other

Find synergy between both styles, Maurice Hissink suggests. This means respecting both styles and finding themes that work together. They can be similar or opposite – as long as they fit like LEGO pieces, they are good! How do you know when they fit, though? The answer is – trust your inner ear and don’t be too self-critical.

Tip by Maurice Hissink

2. Look up to other bands for inspiration

Remember “Walk This Way”? Yes, Aerosmith and Run D.M.C.’s collaboration on this track was a novel (at the time) example of genre fusion done right! Plenty of artists have achieved success mixing genres that seemingly don’t belong together – all you have to do is look up to their work for inspiration. Analyze, find out what makes the songs work, borrow some ideas and put your own spin on them.

Tip by Niels B

3. Pick up the correct elements

The ever-helpful Francois Spannenburg serves a tangible songwriting approach for blending different styles – represent one style through the theme or melody, and the other throughout the rhythm section. Take this idea for a spin and see what comes out of it!

Tip by Francois Spannenburg

4. Adapt the voice

Vocals play an integral part in much of contemporary music. When combining genres, this means having the ability to adapt one’s voice to their specifics in order to sound convincing and make the vocal performance sit confidently within the song.

Tip by Shanat-andrea Oliveros

5. Add subtle transitions and blending of styles

Subtlety is what Tom Langan suggests. Take a little bit from each genre and mix it in, gracefully transitioning between different styles as the tune progresses. It’s important for the fusion of styles to sound natural, instead of jarring and confusing.

Tip by Tom Langan (Still Life)

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