5 Common Mistakes in Searching for a New Bandmate


It sounds exciting looking for a person to share your passion with. Finding a new bandmate can be fun, but it’s also daunting. You need someone to fit in with your style and vibe whilst also bringing something of their own to the band. Need someone? Do it properly!

Here, I* shall discuss the top 5 common mistakes you can make while searching for a new bandmate.

On Friendly Terms

“Oh go on, give my brother Paul a try, he’s great on the guitar.”
Most musicians will have heard something along this line before. A friend will hear you’re looking for a new bandmate and swear they know a family member who would “fit right in!” Mixing friends and business can be tricky. What if the new member is rubbish, rude, late, lazy? Do you kick them out? Awkwardness reigns!

Answer? Don’t lie, nothing beats a bit of honesty.

Free to a Good Home

You always know not to advertise pets as ‘free to a good home’. If you want hard working and conscientious band mates, your advert needs to reflect this. Make sure they know you expect good music and hard work from them. But don’t go too far and expect the world from a new member. Remember, they need some time to adjust, too!

Answer? Advertise properly, and better yet, ask another band member to proofread!

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. They can be such wonderful devices to share photos, videos, and anything else a musician might wish to divulge in. Finding bandmates can be a an easy source or one of hell. The problem with social media is everyone is on it. This is great, don’t get me wrong. However, you also get absolute freaks seeing your page, waiting for their chance to apply and utterly wreck your band. Unfortunately, social media coding wizards are yet to invent a people screening algorithm. So keep an open mind, but act wisely!

Answer? Check security settings. Never invite them to the band immediately. Use social networks for musicians, such as Drooble 😉

Money Money Money

You can advertise to pay for a new band member, hiring them for a gig or two. However, there is little time to practise with the newbie and no time at all to gain rapport with them. One of the greatest aspects of attending a gig is seeing the chemistry between the band and how the musicians engage in their musical dialog.

Answer? Invite them out for a coffee, get to know them a little bit first.


Do NOT even think about trying to steal a band member from an already official band! I repeat, do NOT poach a band member. This can come off as incredibly unprofessional and just plain rude. If a player out there wants to be part of other bands – awesome, bring them on. Just don’t assume that someone will automatically want to become part of your gang.

Answer? Be amicable. If you are asking around, be smart about it.

Think First

There you have it, 5 common mistakes that can happen when searching for a new bandmate. Always think first when looking, as you could end up in a decades-long relationship. Or… a restraining order!

*Zac Green is chief editor of popular music blog ZingInstruments.com. He believes that music isn’t just a thing you do – it’s a mindset, an attitude, a way of life.

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